Thursday, July 14, 2011


Mexico checking out the view
Traveling is exhausting. I know I slept on my overnight flight to London only because I remember waking up, but I'm positive that it was short-lived and fitful.  Even so, arriving in London was great. I got off the plane, stretched my legs, and was allowed to enter the country.

And thanks to Theresa's wise decision to bring directions and to follow them, the two of us made it to the London Study Center without a hitch.

We met a few other classmates, received more paperwork, got a brief tour of the Study Center, and made sure we had the all-important internet access. A while later our keys were handed out and we made our way to Bedford Place, our new home for the next few weeks.  Settling in was good, but being able to take a shower was better. There's nothing like a I've-just-been-on-a-plane-all-night-and-now-I-really-want-a-shower shower. Seriously, NOTHING.

Bedford Place
The hardest part has been staying awake. I hoped my shower would help, but I made the mistake of lying on the bed and before long my eyelids felt incredibly heavy. I took some time to finish a crossword and look things up on Google, which distracted me long enough. After our settling down time, we all met up again at the Study Center to officially meet everyone in our class.  There are 19 of us altogether. A walking tour of the neighborhood sums up my activities for the day.

On the bright side, my flatmates have wonderful personalities, and I'm looking forward to getting to know them better.

Now that I've had some dinner (and completed my daily post), I am definitely ready for bed.

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  1. ...and may you have sweet London dreams. Loves, Mom